Donkey Sanctuary

A donkey sanctuary! Sounds interesting, right? Well! The donkey sanctuary in Leh-Ladakh has been sheltering and taking care of these abandoned creatures who are left on the streets to survive on their own after they are of no use to their masters. Bitten by street dogs, hit by cars and whining with pain without any food to eat, the donkey sanctuary is a home to these animals where they are taken care of. The sanctuary was opened in 2008 by Sonam Dorje and Joanne Lefson, a South African photojournalist who takes care of food, shelter and medical facilities for disabled and old donkeys, also keeping them away from the attacks of street dogs and other animals. Since the time the sanctuary opened, it has been a prime tourist attraction in Leh attracting several tourists throughout the day. Dotted with very artistic and colourful signboards, hoardings and paintings; the place is quite a hit amongst kids. During your visit, besides seeing these animals you can even feed them with carrots and sugar; these innocent creatures would be more than happy to eat from your hands. Run by sheer dedication and selflessness of two great people, the donkey sanctuary is truly an essence of humanity.


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