Magnetic Hill

Ladakh has always been a destination full of mysteries and surprises. From its landscapes to people to different cultures, there has always been that charm of enigma to this wonderful yet mystical land that has attracted thousands of tourists, adventure buffs and artists from different corners of the globe. Talking of yet another mysterious phenomenon of the land, the ‘Magnetic Hill’ that lies at a distance of around 30 km. from Leh towards Kargil, has always been on the radars of the tourists to Ladakh who purposely stop on this route to just witness this marvellous spectacle with their own eyes. It is believed that on this particular stretch of road going uphill, even if your vehicle is standing in a neutral mode with its engine off, the vehicle will start moving ahead on its own at a slow speed. Sounds unbelievable, right? Some locals and tour guides see this something related to a supernatural stuff and some tourists call it a fake phenomenon. Well! There is nothing to do with the supernatural stuff and it’s not at all fake even. It’s just that you have to be at the right point to experience it. Now, coming to the actual point, what causes it is the effect called ‘Optical Illusion’ that tricks your mind of seeing a very slight bend of road that is actually going downhill to be perceived as going uphill. The layout of the surrounding hills create this optical illusion and you are tricked into believing that your vehicle is moving upwards. So, when in Ladakh, make it a point to visit this Magnetic Hill and be amazed with its illusion effect.


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