Tso Moriri Lake

Tucked away in an extreme isolation of the brown hills of the greater Himalayan ranges, the ‘Tso Moriri Lake’ is a nature’s gift to the rugged landscape of Leh. Acclaimed to be the largest alpine lake in India, ‘Tso Moriri’ is located at a distance of approximately 400 km. from the Pangong Lake, perched at an altitude of more than 15000 ft. above sea level. Owing to its extreme harsh climatic conditions, it is visited by only few tourists. The sheer raw beauty and purity of this magnetic lake falls beyond words. The vast stretches of the lake beaming with emerald blue waters, an enigmatic topography of barren hills and a secluded countryside; it is only you and the lake – how thrilling and exciting!! To double-fold the thrill, go for an overnight camp stay at the quaint little village of Korzok and wake up to the fresh morning, immersing yourselves in the mesmerizing beauty of the rising sun with the lake glowing in its warm sunshine. Offering extreme sense of tranquillity and solitude, a visit to this lake is one of the most unworldly, adventurous and memorable experiences for any visitor.


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