Zanskar Valley

The remotest valley of the Ladakh region, Zanskar is a paradise for adventure junkies; a place where they can indulge themselves in fun of trekking, river rafting and paragliding. Home to one of the toughest and unique treks of the region, the ‘Chadar Trek’, Zanskar Valley invites hundreds of passionate trekkers every year to explore the magic of mystical trails of Zanskar. It’s not only trekkers who frequent the place, but also some brave-heart rafters who come here to satiate their raised adrenaline levels by rafting in the ice-cold waters of the Zanskar River. Besides adventure sports, Zanskar is also famous for its ancient and beautiful cave monasteries such as ‘Lingshed’ and ‘Phuktal’ Gompas that have braved harsh weather for many past centuries but are still standing tall in their full glory and magnificence.


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